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Sarah With an H has been featured all over the internet in the {ONE} year since it has started. I reach a fan base of over 5,000 readers every day. With Some days over 7,000! I have readers from all over the world; so like my life; it’s quickly evolving into a whirlwind of Bliss! As I venture onto, Engagement, Marriage, and Mommy hood, I’m open to all sorts of ideas/advertising/product reviews/guest blogging and so forth.


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Note: Ad space must be paid before the first of the month.

Product Reviews:

Product reviews are a great way to drive traffic/business to your sites. I will accept almost anything as long as it is something that I would use. I try to only do product reviews that truly fit my life style. If I love it, I will write about it :) I’m 100% honest with my readers and would never promote an item I wasn’t passionate about or enjoyed. Have something you think may interest me, email me.

I’m open to ideas as well. Have ideas for partnerships or ideas that we can work together on, please feel free to ask.

Please E-mail all inquiries to Sarahreneelee@yahoo.com

A picture of my Stats Today:

Can I toot my own horn for a minute...Pretty Please?? Thanks TOOT TOOT TOOT

Feeling incredible Blessed at the Moment and want to share....

I started this blog “officially” on October 15th 2011 when I made it Public to the world. As I’m approaching the ONE year mark I cant believe how exciting this journey has been! It started off as my own personal journal that I could use to tell my life’s story and share it with Family that live far away…Since then it has turned into a Frenzy of AMAZING people I have had the pleasure of sharing my life with, from all over the world.

Then came PINTEREST!

When I opened my Pinterest account I said to myself, “I would die if I ever made it to the Main Wall of Pinterest!” Well I’m not Dead but completely elated to have made it not once but twice!!! Hair Chalking and Hula Hoop Chandelier!!  Since then things have spiraled UP in so many good ways!

My friend whom follows “Dollar Store Crafts” called me in a frenzy to tell me my blog was featured as their main craft for a week!! How cool.

Since then I have found my blog popping up all over the net!!! 

Just to name a few.... 

FOX News Magazine 



Promote My Craft  

Plus…All over social networks such as Twitter and Facebook

CRAYOLA CRAYON Company sent me over this….
 I took the picture of the e-mail with my phone...but it reads... "Hi Sarah, Thanks for sharing! It's always nice to hear how many others love crayons as much as we do! Have a Colorful Day! Kristen@Crayola

It was in regards to my post on Ralph and I's "Crayola Date Night" :o)

I wrote a post on “My Price of Beauty” and received thousands of e-mails from woman, young girls and even a few men, words of encouragement and emails that brought me to tears. People are incredible! I then received a e-mail, that turned into a phone call, that turned into me allowing my story to be shared through the guidance counselors’ office of a High School!!!

Somehow in my efforts to chronicle my life, my blog has taken on a Life of its own…and I couldn’t be more grateful. I absolutely LOVE hearing from all my readers!!! To think that THOUSANDS of visitors (literally) visit my Blog EVERY day is incredible!! Thank you to all those that have been following my journey!!!

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