Our Love Story

The first time I ever heard Ralph’s voice (his actual voice) was 9 years ago… I was in a relationship at the time and was sitting in my then boyfriends truck waiting to go out to dinner, when I heard a loud diesel truck pull into his work, impatient and aggravated I yelled out the window “Just tell them your Closed” The truck pulled in and I recognized it right away, I had seen it many times before and had been fixated on it when Sandra and I would be outside her house. It was the “kid” that lived down her street. I rolled up the window half way and watched….. As he hopped out of the truck he walked to the front of his truck, my boyfriend at the time walked over and they were chatting, I couldn’t hear very well and I remember thinking I wish they would talk louder. He had on a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt with a dark blue Ralph Lauren jacket and a pair of Prada glasses on his head, He was so tall and tan, as I sat in the truck all my impatience flew out the window and I didn’t want him to leave, His phone rang and he looked down but didn’t answer it, I wondered if it was his girlfriend and was curious to what she would look like, of course I imagined tall, blonde hair and blue eyes ;) The talk didn’t last long and I think it involved head lights, in a quick glance he looked over at the truck and my heart stopped, I’m not kidding I think it literally stopped, he opened his truck door and said “Thanks Guy” he got back in his truck and drove off. By that point my heart was pounding and I couldn’t stop thinking “That is the man I’m going to Marry!” I’ve Never felt like that before and the thought made me nervous, I already had my life mapped out and when things felt off, it made me feel discontent. 

My boyfriend got into the truck and we headed off to dinner, we didn’t talk much because I couldn’t stop thinking about Ralph, and I’m sure my boyfriend just assumed I was mad that he made me wait and didn’t push my silence.  When we arrived at the restaurant Ma Glockners  (which I’m so Sad it closed, I Loved that place) we sat and I felt an overwhelming sense of guilt. The day’s to follow I still couldn’t get the thought of him out of my head…. But as the weeks drifted by so did the memory of that day. Life went on and in the year to follow my relationship had slowly fizzled out as most things do that weren’t meant to be and on a cold day in February Sandra and I decided to go to Doc’s sports bar in our town. When we walked in I saw Tony (whom is an old family friend that I had known for years) and standing next to him Tall, Tan and Perfect stood Ralph. My heart started to pound and although a nervous wreck I was still 100% confident in myself and was known to be a very outgoing person…. I walked right over said Hi to Tony and turned to Ralph who was wearing his Jacket unzipped and slipped my hands through the back of the jacket and gave him a “hello hug” He smelled so good, and was so strong as he gave me a hug as if he didn’t want to let go. He doesn’t admit it, but I think at that moment he knew I was the one. The night ended I went home; 2 days later he got my number and called me… Asked what I was doing (I lied and said making meatballs…. Don’t all Italian guys like to hear that?) We made plans for the next night…..

I had the day off and I cleaned my studio apartment (which was the cutest place ever) I lit some Yankee candles and debated over what to wear for an hour….. I finally decided to dress down because he was coming over to watch a movie and he had already seen me all dressed up. So dressed down it was, I wore a pair of Victoria Secret “Pink” sweatpants scrunched up to the knee aka the Jessica Simpson way  that were all the Rave back then and a white tank top, Hair and makeup done…… Then “My” Luck….. I was running, literally running around my house trying to have it perfect and my Crazy Cat at the time Moxen thought I was playing, she was hiding in the bathroom and when I walked by the door she swung her paw out as if to say “tag your it” I knew right away that it was a disaster, I look down at my leg and saw a single straight line from my knee to my ankle that was pouring blood!!! At that very second I hear that same Diesel Truck noise as I had heard that day I had fallen in love with him and I didn’t even know him yet. How could this happen……I grab paper towels and hold it to my leg, I can hear him walking up the stairs and here I am the wounded girl… Come on in. 
He was so nice and of course played the hero as he fixed my wounded leg and we settled in for a quiet first date on February 28th 2005. He left later that evening and it ended with a single Kiss goodbye…… I’ve been with him every day since!  I am Head over Heels in Love and know without unshakable doubt that he is and will always be My Soul Mate.

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